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              9:00 to 17:30 (Weekdays)

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              Check if your chosen name is available..
              What information will I need?
              Great news! Your chosen name is available.
              Scroll down to select a formation package.
              This name appears to be in conflict with one or more registered names at Companies House
              You may proceed however you will need to provide a name that is unique before you can complete your application. Companies House are unlikely to accept this name due to the following similar/same as names:
              All Inclusive
              £16.95 £27.99 £54.99 £44.99
              Digital certificate of incorporation (PDF)
              Digital copy of the Memorandum and Articles
              Digital share certificates
              Average 3-6 hour turnaround
              Optional bank account (Barclays, Tide, Anna and more)
              Free e-filing software for future updates
              Free accounts filing reminders
              Real time order tracking
              A free .co.uk or .com, web page & email mailbox
              Printed Certificate of Incorporation
              Two bound copies of your Memorandum and Articles
              Gold embossed, hardback Company Register
              Plier style company seal
              First board minutes
              Full set of resolutions for common procedures
              Suitable for non-profit (e.g. charities, clubs and voluntary organisations)
              Start Application Start Application Start Application Start Application
              Read more Read more Read more Read more
              Other Company

              The Company Wizard can also help you to form any one of the following types of company, click the relevant link for more details

              London Registered

              Protect your home address with a London Registered Office Address on Regent Street or Kensington High Street. All Companies House and HMRC mail will be forwarded to an address of your choice free of charge (within the UK).

              Find out more


              Looking for assistance forming a UK company from overseas? We can assist you with a virtual address, mail forwarding, registering for local taxes and staying on top of your annual filing duties.

              Contact us to find out more

              Simple online wizard

              Forming a limited company is simple using our online company formation wizard. When you complete each area the corresponding tab will light up green. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information to hand, we automatically save as you go along.

              Once your company is registered (usually within 3-6 working hours) we will email you your certificate of incorporation and the memorandum and articles.

              Everything you need for a startup

              Whatever you need for your new startup The Company Formation Wizard can help you out. We provide company seals, name plates, template packs and statutory registers.

              We work alongside Barclays to help you setup a business bank account. We can also provide you with a free online accounting system through our sister company QuickFile.

              Need to register for taxes? No problem, we can assist you with VAT Registration as well as Payroll and Corporation Tax.

              Recent Reviews

              Forming a limited company in 3 easy steps!

              The Company Wizard online application breaks down the company formation process into 3 easy steps.

              1. Search for your company name. We will check to see if the company you wish to incorporate is available to register. We also provide free assistance and documents supporting your application should you include a sensitive word in the name
              2. Complete our online application. We'll save the information you enter as you go along so you can return later should you need to gather more information. If you need assistance or have any questions, feel free to call us and we'll be more than happy to assist you. When you complete each section it will light up green.
              3. When you're ready to submit your application you can make a secure online payment, we will then send your application electronically to Companies House. Typically it will take around 3-6 working hours to complete the company formation process. We will then email you a PDF of your incorporation certificate along with your Articles of Association.
              If you'd like to see a preview of the company registration process in more detail take a look here. To find out what you will need before you get started take a look at our FAQ here.

              Latest Blog Entries

              You might think that starting a business is a daunting task where everything has to be done at the same time for it to be successful. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if you could break it down into manageable steps?
              Currently, there are no requirements for filing a dormant company tax return, and it is not necessary for them to pay corporation tax either.
              Your company might have reached the end of the road for many different reasons, but the time has come and now you need to close the company. How can you do this online?
              Share splitting is an option open to companies whereby each share will be subdivided into two or more new shares. This means that the individual will hold more shares but each share will have a lower nominal value.
              When your company receives a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and assuming you cannot immediately settle it, the creditor will take immediate action against you.
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